Document Service

WCEA will complete service of documents as required:

Individuals (defendant or respondent) The documents can be served directly to the individual, to their solicitor, to an adult member of the individual’s household, or can be left at the door. Substitution service can be completed if ordered by the Court.

Service of Documents normally takes up to a week to complete depending on how many attempts are required. Expedited service is available in special situations and every attempt will be made to complete your service in those instances.

Other Enforcement Services

Landlord and Tenant

WCEA can, under certain circumstances, seize the personal property of a tenant for rent arrears. In Alberta, the seizure must be carried out by a bailiff working for a Civil Enforcement Agency.

The rules and circumstances which allow landlord seizures are complicated and timing is critical. It is advisable to discuss the details of your situation with us prior to making any decisions with respect to seizures of this nature. We can advise whether you have a right of seizure and the steps necessary to protect your position.


If you have a judgment for money owed garnishment can help you get paid. If details are available about where the debtor works or banks or if money is otherwise owed to the debtor it is possible to claim funds due to the debtor through garnishment.

Court Orders and Other Liens

WCEA can enforce any and all orders granted by the Court and can complete other statutory seizures not requiring a court judgment.


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